The Best Lodging in Umbria

The Best Lodging in Umbria

The Best Lodging in Umbria – Umbria is a mountain range in central Italy bordering Toscana, Marche and Latium. Regarded as a border, Umbria is visited by many local and even foreign tourists.

The scenery in Umbria is very beautiful. You can enjoy the beauty of the mountains with family and friends.

The Best Lodging in Umbria

Although it is far from urban Italy, Umbria has become one of the tourist attractions of choice for those who want to enjoy nature.

Because of this, many inns are in Umbria. No need to worry about bed and breakfast. In Umbria many lodgings provide the following bedroom with breakfast service included in the package.

The facilities provided by hotels or inns in Umbria will not make you regret it. The rooms that are rented out to tourists are very clean and the hotel services are complete like luxury hotels.

And most hotel rooms face an incredible view for visitors to enjoy the beauty of morning and night in Umbria.

The following are the accommodations that you can visit in Umbria:

Antico sipario boutique hotel

One hotel is arguably one of the hotels that has 4-star hotel facilities in Umbria. The rooms provided are very spacious and of course the price range in these rooms is quite expensive compared to other hotels. But for tourists the price certainly will not be a problem as long as the service is satisfying.

Apartment Casa Vera Orvieto

This one inn is not a hotel but an apartment that has many rooms and private living rooms. This place is very suitable for families who need lots of rooms and 1 special guest money to gather to enjoy a vacation. Even though it is an apartment, the service that you can get is equivalent to a hotel that is getting breakfast.

Corte Viva Hotel

Just like the Antico Sipario hotel, Corte Viva is one of the inns in Umbria. Corte Viva’s bedroom is more modern and minimalist in style so the area isn’t too big.

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