Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria – Often referred to as the green heart of Italy,
Umbria is known for its lush scenery, hills and rich history.
Set amongst this beautiful land are a number of historic hill towns, creating both culture and charm.
For those of you who like to travel and want to see the beauty of nature that you have never been to,
You can visit Italy and in Italy there is a place that is good for you to visit, if you are an installer you can come to this place called umbria.

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria

Below are cities you can visit:

Located at the foot of Mount Subasio is the beautiful walled city of Spello,
Where winding medieval streets and ancient churches,
The charm of history buffs and architecture buffs alike.

One of the most beautiful hilltop cities in Umbria,
Orvieto – near the border with Lazio – sits high above a volcanic butt overlooking the scenic plains in southwestern Umbria.
The city’s glory is the magnificent Orvieto Cathedral,
The 14th-century Gothic jewel known for its stunning beauty and the stunning mural paintings of Renaissance Luca Signorelli in the Chapel of San Brizio.

Castiglione del Lago
Located on the shores of Lake Trasimeno where Umbria meets Tuscany,
Castiglione del Lago is the site of the magnificent Castello del Leone,
A fortress built in the 13th century,
Whose high watchtower offers incredible views of the lake and surrounding countryside.

More than in the northwestern region of Umbria is Gubbio,
A charming city built on the steep slopes of Mount Ingino,
Which is famous for its rich history and culture.

Only a few miles east of the Umbrian capital, Perugia,
The beautiful hilltop city of Assisi, is known as the birthplace of St.
Francis Asisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.
The Basilica di San Francesco, built on the honor of St. Francis between 1228 and 1253,
Is one of the must-visit places for Assisi and a UNESCO World Heritage Site which remains an important Christian pilgrimage site today.

Perched on a hilltop high above the tortuous Tiber River,
The beautiful city of Todi is like something straight out of a fairy tale.
Narrow and rocky roads meandered in hilly terrain and led to beautiful medieval monuments such as Palazzo del Popolo; built in 1213,
This is one of the oldest public buildings in Italy,
Positioned along with cute cafes and boutiques. and much more

Umbria tourist attractions in Italy

Umbria is one of the mountainous regions in Italy,
Umbria is also the most beautiful place in Italy and as a place that is visited by many tourists all over the world,

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