See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria – For tourists if you want to go to the state you definitely want to go to a tourist place,

And look around the country’s beauty and also feel the food and lodging.

For those of you who want to go to Italy, surely you have never seen the real beauty of Italy,

If you go to Italy, just looking at the city is certainly not very interesting because everyone will definitely go there.

But if you want to see beautiful scenery, you can go to Umbria, Umbria tourism beauty is often covered by the shadows and charm of Tuscany,

Neighboring regions are known to have a more glamorous appearance.

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria

Tourists who come to Umbria can enjoy Renaissance art through medieval buildings in hilly areas,

Rows of vineyards and other stunning city sights like Orvieto, Perugia and Assisi.

In a way, Umbria has everything that tourists want when they visit Italy, except the beach area.

Even so, Umbria has the charm of the beauty of a nice lake in the Trasimeno region.

When visiting this place, tourists can stay in small hotels or villas in pleasant rural areas.

One of the most popular villas and often used as a place to stay among tourists is Fondo le Teglie, which is in the south of Umbria.

Stay at the villa Fondo le Taglie Remind the village

If you go to Umbria you don’t forget to stay at Villa fondo le teglie,

Because this villa will turn us to the yard of the kapung, because the atmosphere is so rural and also the beautiful scenery.

In this villa also has several facilities for you to enjoy,

Such as a bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning, TV, and others.

And every morning you can also enjoy typical Umbrian food,

You can also enjoy the morning view by sitting on the edge of a lake that is amazing.

Not only that you will also be treated to typical drinks from umbria such as coffee, milk and others.

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