Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Umbria is one of the tourist attractions in central Italy. Because it is located in the mountains many lodging is available in Umbria. Visitors always arrive every day to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the mountains with complete facilities.

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Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Its location which is quite far from urban areas, does not make Umbria a village with minimal facilities because hotels in Umbria will provide the needs of its visitors such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are various hotels that are still in the classic Italian style with distinctive buildings and of course classic interiors. But there is also a modern style complete with a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the Umbrian landscape.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation in the mountains with complete facilities, Umbria is the right place for you. In the following, we recommend a hotel stay package complete with breakfast that costs under $ 100 per night.

Locanda Stella

This one hotel is quite cheap compared to other hotels in Umbria. Although cheap, breakfast and swimming pool facilities are available at this one hotel. And this hotel is still in the style of a classic building that is quite interesting.

Valle Rosa

Valle Rosa is one of the inns that provides various facilities that are equivalent to luxury hotels, namely breakfast, swimming pool, children’s playground, and others.

Agriturismo II Melograno & spa

This one inn is extraordinary. Modern style but still integrated with nature. The best facilities and an advantage in this hotel is an attractive spa place with extraordinary views. Not only providing lodging and spa, there is a restaurant for visitors to do dinner at night.

La Soffitta e La Torre

This hotel is still in a classic or old-fashioned style like a typical Italian building. But staying at this hotel is no less pleasant than other hotels. You can enjoy breakfast with a beautiful view in the courtyard room. And the most interesting thing in this hotel, you can book a room online and pay at the destination.

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