Play Gambling and Get Tickets to Stay at Hotel Santa Croce

Play Gambling and Get Tickets to Stay at Hotel Santa Croce

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Hotel Santa Croce is located in the Umbria area of Italy, where this place has a mountainous area and a wide view of the grass that can spoil the eyes of the visitors there. Now for those of you who want to get lucky tickets, you can play at online gambling agents. The method is very easy, you just have to make a minimum deposit of 500 thousand to play in a poker card tournament. Those who get first place will get a ticket to stay at the Santa Croce hotel and also get 500 million in cash.

Play Gambling and Get Tickets to Stay at Hotel Santa Croce

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5 Classic Villas You Can Meet in Umbria Italy

5 Classic Villas You Can Meet in Umbria Italy

5 Classic Villas You Can Meet in Umbria Italy – If you want to see an incredible view, you should try to visit Italy, because there is a large prairie area that is good for calming hearts. Not only in Indonesia, which is rich in beautiful landscapes, but in Italy there are also many places that can cool the eyes. Simply spend a few hours on a trip from the city of Italy, you can enjoy the natural atmosphere that is very cool and far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5 Classic Villas You Can Meet in Umbria Italy

One of the places you must visit is Umbria, where this place is a paradise for nature lovers. Because you will be infused with a wide view of grass, and also you can see the lake with a clear blue color that can nourish the eyes. In the area of umbria you can also see ancient buildings that are good and also classic if we look closely. And if you want to be more comfortable traveling atmosphere you can stay in a Luxury villa where this place provides a lot of complete facilities, there is brakfast every morning from 6 to 10 and also there are bathrooms that use translucent glass from within seven directions of the view beautiful lake and grass. And there are many more facilities that you can get in luxury villas.

5 Villas You Can Visit

Under this there are 10 lodging places in Umbria that you can visit or visit, in this villa all of them point to a wide view of grass:

1. Villa Aggia
Countryside views, traditional architecture and modern luxury at Villa Aggia make a classic Perugia vacation – with a contemporary touch. Spend one or two dreamy weeks with friends and family, book property for a relaxing Italian honeymoon.

2. Santa Croce
Nestled among rolling hills, olive groves and pristine lakes in the Murlo region of Umbria, this secluded three bedroom offers the perfect escape for a romantic honeymoon, family vacation or a couple’s retreat. From its location sought, Santa Croce enjoys thousands of hectares of forest and beautiful valleys, as well as a very beautiful view, will surely soothe and relax its guests within seconds after arrival. Nearby, you will find the villages of Pierantonio, Umbertide and Perugia. Travel a little further, and you can visit Rome. And, no trip to Umbria is complete without visiting its heart, Lake Trasimeno, which is only a twenty minute drive from Santa Croce.

3. Villa Laura
Staying at Villa Laura is your chance to live outside Under the Tuscan Sun. This ten bedroom property acts as the Bramasole villa in the film. Just like a fictional villa that was given a makeover, Villa Laura was recently renovated with attention to traditional style

4. Casa Antica
If you dream of restoring a farmhouse in rural Italy, continue your fantasy at Casa Antica. Here, the work has been done, and you are free to spend your vacation enjoying the charming traditional architecture and modern conveniences of this luxury holiday rental in Umbria. Just relax in the private garden overlooking the hill with family and friends, or use the property as a base to explore the area around Perugia.

5. Villa Lunablu
Find yourself at home in the hills of Tuscany at Villa Lunablu. Part of this luxury vacation rental near Montepulciano was first built in the 16th century, followed by an 18th-century renewal, and this property still faces the eternal landscape from Val de Chiana to Monte Cetona. Use spacious private land and gardens and five bedrooms as a backdrop for a quiet family reunion or intimate destination wedding, or just as a base to explore the region’s historic sites and world-famous vineyards.…

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria – Often referred to as the green heart of Italy,
Umbria is known for its lush scenery, hills and rich history.
Set amongst this beautiful land are a number of historic hill towns, creating both culture and charm.
For those of you who like to travel and want to see the beauty of nature that you have never been to,
You can visit Italy and in Italy there is a place that is good for you to visit, if you are an installer you can come to this place called umbria.

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities in Umbria

Below are cities you can visit:

Located at the foot of Mount Subasio is the beautiful walled city of Spello,
Where winding medieval streets and ancient churches,
The charm of history buffs and architecture buffs alike.

One of the most beautiful hilltop cities in Umbria,
Orvieto – near the border with Lazio – sits high above a volcanic butt overlooking the scenic plains in southwestern Umbria.
The city’s glory is the magnificent Orvieto Cathedral,
The 14th-century Gothic jewel known for its stunning beauty and the stunning mural paintings of Renaissance Luca Signorelli in the Chapel of San Brizio.

Castiglione del Lago
Located on the shores of Lake Trasimeno where Umbria meets Tuscany,
Castiglione del Lago is the site of the magnificent Castello del Leone,
A fortress built in the 13th century,
Whose high watchtower offers incredible views of the lake and surrounding countryside.

More than in the northwestern region of Umbria is Gubbio,
A charming city built on the steep slopes of Mount Ingino,
Which is famous for its rich history and culture.

Only a few miles east of the Umbrian capital, Perugia,
The beautiful hilltop city of Assisi, is known as the birthplace of St.
Francis Asisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.
The Basilica di San Francesco, built on the honor of St. Francis between 1228 and 1253,
Is one of the must-visit places for Assisi and a UNESCO World Heritage Site which remains an important Christian pilgrimage site today.

Perched on a hilltop high above the tortuous Tiber River,
The beautiful city of Todi is like something straight out of a fairy tale.
Narrow and rocky roads meandered in hilly terrain and led to beautiful medieval monuments such as Palazzo del Popolo; built in 1213,
This is one of the oldest public buildings in Italy,
Positioned along with cute cafes and boutiques. and much more

Umbria tourist attractions in Italy

Umbria is one of the mountainous regions in Italy,
Umbria is also the most beautiful place in Italy and as a place that is visited by many tourists all over the world,…

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria – For tourists if you want to go to the state you definitely want to go to a tourist place,

And look around the country’s beauty and also feel the food and lodging.

For those of you who want to go to Italy, surely you have never seen the real beauty of Italy,

If you go to Italy, just looking at the city is certainly not very interesting because everyone will definitely go there.

But if you want to see beautiful scenery, you can go to Umbria, Umbria tourism beauty is often covered by the shadows and charm of Tuscany,

Neighboring regions are known to have a more glamorous appearance.

See the real beauty of Italy in Umbria

Tourists who come to Umbria can enjoy Renaissance art through medieval buildings in hilly areas,

Rows of vineyards and other stunning city sights like Orvieto, Perugia and Assisi.

In a way, Umbria has everything that tourists want when they visit Italy, except the beach area.

Even so, Umbria has the charm of the beauty of a nice lake in the Trasimeno region.

When visiting this place, tourists can stay in small hotels or villas in pleasant rural areas.

One of the most popular villas and often used as a place to stay among tourists is Fondo le Teglie, which is in the south of Umbria.

Stay at the villa Fondo le Taglie Remind the village

If you go to Umbria you don’t forget to stay at Villa fondo le teglie,

Because this villa will turn us to the yard of the kapung, because the atmosphere is so rural and also the beautiful scenery.

In this villa also has several facilities for you to enjoy,

Such as a bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning, TV, and others.

And every morning you can also enjoy typical Umbrian food,

You can also enjoy the morning view by sitting on the edge of a lake that is amazing.

Not only that you will also be treated to typical drinks from umbria such as coffee, milk and others.

Online Gambling Sites Become One of the Beauty of Italian Cities

The beauty of the city is usually like the scenery, urban planning, buildings, and so on. But there is one thing that is different from this city, namely the addition of an online gambling site.
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How to Rent a Room in Umbria

How to Rent a Room in Umbria

How to Rent a Room in Umbria

Umbria is not an urban area, but a mountainous area that is included in a border of several cities in Italy. Umbria becomes a tourist attraction for tourists who want to enjoy a nature vacation. Because Umbria is in the highlands, of course in this place you can see the beautiful scenery.

How to Rent a Room in Umbria

Although it is quite far from urban areas, Umbria is not a remote place that has minimal needs. Because there are many kinds of hotels and places that sell the needs of visitors in Umbria.

Hotels or inns in Umbria also have a variety of styles and concepts. The facilities provided are also quite impressive on a par with luxury hotels in the city.

For those of you who want a vacation to stay in Umbria, there are various types of lodging that you can rent, such as hotels, apartments, and even resorts. You can rent these types of accommodations via online or come directly for direct bookings.

But because the times are increasingly sophisticated, of course it would be better for you to rent a room through online sites such as:


– Airbnb

– Traveloka

– Tripadvisor, etc.

These various online sites will give you recommendations on the best hotels in Umbria. You can see what facilities the hotel has provided and photos of room shapes.

Hotel Facilities in Umbria

Most lodging in Umbria will provide the following facilities:

– Breakfast Package

– Swimming pool

– Spa place

– Playground

– Room with a beautiful view terrace

– Romantic Dinner, etc.

The facilities of each hotel will be different, depending on the rental price of the room you choose. Advice for you tourists who want to vacation in Umbria, read first clearly about the rules and facilities obtained before paying rent.

And pay attention to hotel rules about pets if you intend to bring your pets. There are some hotels that do not allow visitors to bring animals to the hotel area. Usually hotels that give permission to bring animals will be written in hotel information.…

Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Umbria is one of the tourist attractions in central Italy. Because it is located in the mountains many lodging is available in Umbria. Visitors always arrive every day to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the mountains with complete facilities.

No wonder that Umbria is now the main destination for vacationing for most members of Judi Slot Online from because it is indeed in Umbria that is a very comfortable and beautiful place to be enjoyed as a vacation for online slot lovers.

Cheap Hotels Below $100 in Umbria

Its location which is quite far from urban areas, does not make Umbria a village with minimal facilities because hotels in Umbria will provide the needs of its visitors such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are various hotels that are still in the classic Italian style with distinctive buildings and of course classic interiors. But there is also a modern style complete with a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the Umbrian landscape.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation in the mountains with complete facilities, Umbria is the right place for you. In the following, we recommend a hotel stay package complete with breakfast that costs under $ 100 per night.

Locanda Stella

This one hotel is quite cheap compared to other hotels in Umbria. Although cheap, breakfast and swimming pool facilities are available at this one hotel. And this hotel is still in the style of a classic building that is quite interesting.

Valle Rosa

Valle Rosa is one of the inns that provides various facilities that are equivalent to luxury hotels, namely breakfast, swimming pool, children’s playground, and others.

Agriturismo II Melograno & spa

This one inn is extraordinary. Modern style but still integrated with nature. The best facilities and an advantage in this hotel is an attractive spa place with extraordinary views. Not only providing lodging and spa, there is a restaurant for visitors to do dinner at night.

La Soffitta e La Torre

This hotel is still in a classic or old-fashioned style like a typical Italian building. But staying at this hotel is no less pleasant than other hotels. You can enjoy breakfast with a beautiful view in the courtyard room. And the most interesting thing in this hotel, you can book a room online and pay at the destination.…

The Best Lodging in Umbria

The Best Lodging in Umbria

The Best Lodging in Umbria – Umbria is a mountain range in central Italy bordering Toscana, Marche and Latium. Regarded as a border, Umbria is visited by many local and even foreign tourists.

The scenery in Umbria is very beautiful. You can enjoy the beauty of the mountains with family and friends.

The Best Lodging in Umbria

Although it is far from urban Italy, Umbria has become one of the tourist attractions of choice for those who want to enjoy nature.

Because of this, many inns are in Umbria. No need to worry about bed and breakfast. In Umbria many lodgings provide the following bedroom with breakfast service included in the package.

The facilities provided by hotels or inns in Umbria will not make you regret it. The rooms that are rented out to tourists are very clean and the hotel services are complete like luxury hotels.

And most hotel rooms face an incredible view for visitors to enjoy the beauty of morning and night in Umbria.

The following are the accommodations that you can visit in Umbria:

Antico sipario boutique hotel

One hotel is arguably one of the hotels that has 4-star hotel facilities in Umbria. The rooms provided are very spacious and of course the price range in these rooms is quite expensive compared to other hotels. But for tourists the price certainly will not be a problem as long as the service is satisfying.

Apartment Casa Vera Orvieto

This one inn is not a hotel but an apartment that has many rooms and private living rooms. This place is very suitable for families who need lots of rooms and 1 special guest money to gather to enjoy a vacation. Even though it is an apartment, the service that you can get is equivalent to a hotel that is getting breakfast.

Corte Viva Hotel

Just like the Antico Sipario hotel, Corte Viva is one of the inns in Umbria. Corte Viva’s bedroom is more modern and minimalist in style so the area isn’t too big.…

2015 Joust of the Quintana festival

2015 Joust of the Quintana festival

2015 Joust of the Quintana festival

From August 31 to September 13: this is the historical re-enactment of the Joust of February 10, 1613 held on the occasion of the Carnival to resolve the doubt about
“what is most happy to cavalier of honor: to keep the prince’s grace or the continued favor of a beautiful and kind lady ”

The re-enactment: love and power therefore that since 1946, the year of the first modern Carousel, until today, have been identified in the love of folignati towards the prestigious traditions of their city and in the power to attract visitors thanks to the compelling race of the Campo de li Giochi and the magic of the big party that allows the city to regain possession and show all the charm of its baroque spaces.

The Joust: the race at the Campo is exciting and unleashes the enthusiasm of thousands of spectators. It is the moment of challenge between the knights of the 10 districts, in which Foligno is divided, who compete for the Palio.

The Giostra della Quintana, without fear of denial, is the most compelling and difficult race that takes place in Italy and for this reason it has been called the Olympics of the Old Regime Games. The horse-rider combination must follow the insidious 754-meter track, delimited by flags.

At the intersection of the two diagonals is the statue representing the God Mars with his right arm outstretched.
The rings to be inserted are hung on the hook under the clenched fist. Three are the rounds with the rings that progressively shrink.

Those of the first round are 8 centimeters, 6 for those of the second and even 5 for the third. The rider who finishes the course without penalty and in the shortest possible time wins. The big party in Foligno: Quintana is not just a race.

The evening before the Carousel the procession winds through the streets of the city center with 800 characters in sumptuous Baroque clothes, strictly faithful to the dictates of fashion and the iconography of the time.

Source : videofoligno

In the two weeks preceding the Joust

The city comes alive with the opening of the 10 local taverns where you can taste the typical dishes of the seventeenth-century gastronomy that enhance the quality of the typical products of the area.

The atmosphere is engaging and the spectator is accompanied on an unforgettable journey back in time. The competitive spirit of the race, the spectacularness of the costumes and the scenography and the enthusiasm of the quintanarians give an event that remains in the heart of those who live it.

La Quintana has become the perfect testimonial of Umbria because it contains all the excellences of this territory: the cultural, historical, food and wine, architectural and reminiscent of the Region.…